A Guyana Worldview: Photographers Keisha Scarville, Nikki Kahn, Roshini Kempadoo, and Sandra Brewster

Today many contemporary depictions of Guyana, whether via the image or the written word, continue to center on the exotic, the colonial, and the touristic. Assembled here are four Guyanese women photographers, Keisha Scarville, Nikki Kahn, Roshini Kempadoo, and Sandra Brewster, whose artistic visions and portfolios work to counter this historic malpractice.

Although widely accomplished and awarded—within this inter-generational quartet, for example, is a Pulitzer-prize winner—the work of most Guyanese women photographers remains largely unknown on the world stage. It is this obscurity that fueled a curation of their work for this issue of Nueva Luz. Despite their crisscrossing of borders—geographic, ethnic, and psychic ones—these photographers return to Guyana’s soil often. They each remain personally and professionally invested in their homeland and share a sense of responsibility toward it.

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