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OfNoteThe award-winning OF NOTE magazine [ofnotemagazine.org] features global artists using the arts as tools for social change. Founded by Grace Aneiza Ali, the magazine is a digital space where art meets activism.


Recent Issues

The Imprisoned Issue. OF NOTEThe Imprisoned Issue features ten Artists who grant us portraits of hope and redemption of men who are able to rebuild their lives after prison. They also show us what happens when attempts to rebuild fail. And for the growing number of men and women who are sentenced to life, who spend their sunset days behind bars, these artists offer us a compassionate perspective on the aging and dying in prison.

Swati Khurana. Home PageCurated in The Immigrant Issue are ten Artists whose work reinforces the notion of the immigrant as artist. Some trouble and redefine the very idea of ‘the immigrant.’ Others challenge preconceived notions about the ‘other,’ the ‘foreign,’ and the ‘outlier.’ And some poignantly and apolitically shine a light on the universal themes of departure, arrival, loss, and uprootedness.


Through its curated issues, OF NOTE has featured over 60 Artists from 33 countries who use the arts to address social justice/human rights issues. OF NOTE’s long-form journalism authored by its roster of over 30 emerging and established internationally-based Writers has focused on how artists are:

1. addressing mass incarceration in the United States
2. responding to current immigration debates and challenging preconceived notions about immigrants
3. championing the education of girls in developing nations
4. raising awareness about indigenous communities around the world
5. bringing attention to the plight of girls caught in Colombia’s drug and gang wars and illuminating the heroic stories of Ethiopian girls who fight back against child marriage
6. documenting the plight of abandoned children with albinism in Zimbabwe
7. shedding light on the dangerous journey of migrants between the Guatemalan/Mexican border
8. combatting the culture of silence surrounding domestic violence in Indian communities
9. fighting illiteracy among the ‘Born Frees” in South Africa
10. confronting sexism in the portrayals of women and girls in the media


–Images and Voices of Hope, Outstanding Journalism Project Committed to Constructive Change, 2014. 
–Guyana Cultural Association, Outstanding Accomplishment in Contemporary Media, 2014.






Partnerships & Collaborations

OF NOTE has partnered and collaborated with the following organizations to jointly support artists using their work to address social justice and human rights issues:

Girls Write Now
The City College of New York
World Policy Institute: Arts-Policy Nexus
Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University
The New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture