Grace Aneiza Ali is an award-winning faculty member in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science at The City College of New York, CUNY.

“Professor Ali is an excellent and gifted teacher who thinks deeply about the work at hand, as well as the best techniques and strategies to build students’ critical thinking. She sets up a sophisticated yet non-intimidating classroom, successfully bringing all students into the conversation, even the most reticent ones.”
—David Eastzer, Assistant Professor, The City College of New York, Fall 2011.

Professor Ali exhibits a very interactive approach to pedagogy. It is clear that she appreciates and works to foster an environment of student-driven learning. Thematically, this is a fascinating course, and the class session I had the pleasure to observe was both interesting and informative. I am particularly impressed by the diversity of texts and topics included in the syllabus. Professor Ali has done well to raise the question of contextualization throughout this course, and has transformed this into a truly interdisciplinary syllabus, one that addresses gender, memory, nationalism and trans-nationalism, migration, and labor.
—Martin Woessner, Associate Professor of History & Society, The City College of New York, CUNY, Fall 2014.

Professor Ali plans a lesson that is extremely rich with methods for students to participate actively in. She does a beautiful job relating the notion of Œgenre to a discussion that meanders between activists’ personal and professional lives and resonances in the students’ own lives. She rigorously obliges her students to think about how biography and memoir, public history and personal narrative interact with each other, to identify the formal aspects that might allow them to describe the varying genres academically.
—Alessandra Benedicty, Assistant Professor, Director, Master in the Study of the Americas, The City College of New York, Fall 2013. 


Recent Courses

richardrodriguez1The Literature of Immigration

9780226211381Caribbean Spirits,
Colonial Ghosts

Beneath-the-Lions-GazeThe Contemporary African Novel

530773Post-World War II
Black Women Writers

Past Courses:
World Literature: The Evolving Canon, Literature of the Harlem Renaissance, Writing New York, African-American Literature.


–Outstanding Faculty of the Year, City College of New York, Division of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, 2014.


University of Maryland, College Park, Department of English, Alumni Mentor, 2015
The Langston Hughes Medal, City College of New York, Advisory Committee Member, 2014
Human Rights Forum, The City College of New York, Panelist, Art Competition, 2014, 2015
Center for Worker Education, The City College of New York, Strategic Planning Committee, 2014
The City College of New York Women in the Arts and Culture Award, Nominating Committee, 2012
The City College of New York and Community Collaborations, Committee Member, 2011
Office of Government & Community Affairs, Arts & Culture Committee, The City College of New  York, 2011, 2012